Family Friendly Franchise: 4 Options for All Ages

Stepping into a Vicious Biscuit location isn't just about indulging in the savory delight of scratch-made biscuits; it's about experiencing the warmth and connection of a family-friendly franchise. With our inviting atmosphere and a commitment to Southern hospitality — with an edge — Vicious Biscuit has become more than just a breakfast and brunch destination. It's a place where families gather, share laughs, and create memories.
But family-friendly franchise also means a franchise that allows you, as an owner, to put your family first. Let's explore some options.

Option 1: Work-From-Home Franchises: The Comfort of Your Own Space

The allure of working from home is undeniable, especially for parents. It offers the flexibility to manage your time around your family's schedule. Work-from-home franchises are often in sectors like consulting, marketing, and various online services. These businesses typically require minimal physical inventory, making them easier to manage alongside your household responsibilities.For instance, consider a digital marketing franchise. This type of business allows you to leverage your skills in online advertising and SEO from the comfort of your home. You can schedule client meetings around your children's school hours or family commitments. Another option could be an educational consulting franchise, where you assist students and families in navigating school admissions – a fulfilling role that resonates with your parental instincts.

Option 2: Franchises with Flexible Hours: Balancing Business and Family Life

If you're looking for a bit more interaction outside the home but still need flexibility, franchises that offer adaptable working hours could be your answer. These businesses typically operate in sectors like fitness, beauty, and personal care, where you can set appointments or classes at times that suit your family life.Imagine owning a boutique fitness studio. You have the freedom to set class schedules early in the morning or late in the evening, allowing you to be present for your children's important moments. Similarly, a mobile beauty service franchise can offer the flexibility to schedule appointments during school hours or weekends.

Option 3: Limited Operational Hours: Maximizing Time with Family

Family-friendly franchises with limited operational hours like Vicious Biscuit are ideal if you want to ensure your schedule is more flexible. These businesses are often found in sectors like childcare, education, and certain retail services.

Childcare and early education are natural franchises for moms and dads. Not only do they operate during standard school hours, but they also give you an opportunity to create a nurturing environment for other children, mirroring your role as a parent. On the other hand, a coffee shop or a specialty retail store can also be a great option. These businesses usually open early and close by late afternoon, aligning perfectly with a parent's schedule.

Option 4: Breakfast and Brunch Spots: A Bright Start to Your Day

Starting your day early with a breakfast or brunch restaurant franchise can be an amazing way to align your business with family life. These establishments typically open early in the morning and close by early afternoon, a distinction that allows you to spend the rest of the day with your family. Imagine running a cozy café that becomes the morning hub for coffee lovers or a brunch spot famous for its family-friendly atmosphere and delicious pancakes. A restaurant like Vicious Biscuit that's only open for breakfast and brunch not only caters to early risers but also ensures that your evenings are reserved for family time.Navigating the world of franchising as a parent and entrepreneur can be a complex journey. You're on the lookout for a business that not only promises growth and success but also aligns seamlessly with your family life.In the realm of restaurant franchises, focusing on those with specific dayparts can be the key to finding that perfect balance. Franchises like Vicious Biscuit can cater to your dual role as a parent and a business owner, addressing your concerns about lifestyle compatibility, flexible hours, and limited operational commitments.

Breakfast and brunch hours make up one of the most popular dayparts in the restaurant industry, and Vicious Biscuit's single-shift model not only capitalizes on this popularity, but also allows our family-focused franchise owners to spend precious hours on personal pursuits. We offer multi-unit options and exclusive territories.

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